Truth of Creation

Bonus Skill: Any Knowledge

Bonus Spells: Identify (2nd), Investigative Mind (4th), See Beyond (No Material Component) (6th), Legend Lore (8th), Major Creation (10th), True Seeing (No Material Component) (12th), Vision (14th), Create Demiplane (16th), Wish (18th).

Bonus Feats: Any Item Creation Feat, Weapon Focus, Skill Focus

Bloodline Arcana: The hit points of anything created by one of your spells are increased by 50% and the hardness is increased by half (Max +5 Increase).

Bloodline Powers: As you grow in power you can understand the truths of the universe more clearly.

Uncanny Insight (Ex): At 1st level the sorcerer can come up with ideas to solve even the most strange situations. A number of times per day equal to your CHA modifier you may give yourself an insight bonus equal to half your level on any skill check made to identify something unknown to you.

Practical Application (Ex): At 3rd level, the sorcerer’s insights into the fabric and laws of the world allow him to create things beyond the norm. The sorcerer gains an insight bonus equal to half his level on any checks made to create or enchant items.

All is One (Su): At 9th level, the sorcerer learns to change parts of himself much like he changes outside things. The Sorcerer gains an insight bonus equal to 1 + (CL/5) which he may divide as he wishes between natural armor, saves, attack, or physical skill checks. Changing how this bonus is allocated is a full round action. Once per day for 1 minute he may focus his energy into these changes doubling them.

One is All (Sp): At 15th level, the sorcerer learns to rearrange what makes matter. A number of times per day equal to their CHA modifier a sorcerer may transmute any material type into another of the same category (Metal, Wood, Etc.) for a minute per level. This requires a caster level check to function. It is opposed against a magic item’s creator, or a DC (10+Hardness) in the case of non-magical things.

  • (Ex):* At 20th level,

Truth of Creation

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