Item Creation

In Nevarra magic item crafting is far more thematic than it is, formulaic. The creation of a magic item is handled separately for each item To start with you need a non-magical item to serve as the receptacle for the enchantment. This can be something exquisite to something plain and unassuming. It all depends on what you are trying to make. So we’ll start with non-magical crafting.

In order to make an item you need four things; Materials, Skill, Tools, and Time. All of which are fairly self explanatory. In order to make more valuable items you need better of any or all of these. Certain rare materials or methods may yield an item more receptive to different types magical enchantment. Time for a particular item is dependent on several factors and varies from item to item, unless you are making something simple. Once you determine what you want to make and what you want to make it out of, I will tell you the time required.

Magical Enchantments on an item work much the same way as non-magical crafting, but the methods are more obscure yet flexible. There are two different ways to make an item, first is to design its mechanics and make a crafting check to finalize the “schematic”. Each ability the item has will require an item of power or meaning to imbue magic into it, and the rarity and difficulty of procuring said ingredients increases as the effectiveness of the item increases. It will take knowledge checks and/or a library of good size to find matching ingredients. Once you have identified what you need, and then acquire it you need only spend time once again based on complexity and your skill. The other way to craft an item is to find a magical crafting material, and an unenchanted item and let your skill and intuition guide you, sometimes these items can become more powerful than originally anticipated or turn out to be failures. The exact effects you end up with are rarely known before you begin, but the upside of this method is that it takes much less time than the other.

A few notes about crafting:
– Crafting while adventuring for the day gives you a half day of progress towards completion.
– These rules are intended to not be comprehensive, as I want the process to be relatively rules lite and more about the roleplay.
– An item is never spend X gold to get Y, with a few exceptions, normally related to wealth. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?

Item Creation

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