Faith while a subjective concept is best served with some actual mechanics behind it in a game. The Faith System for Nevarra is made of two mechanics Faith and Devotion. I’ve attempted to keep the system light and easy to understand, but powerful enough to matter.

Faith is gained by remaining true to your deity and performing minor acts over the course of time, faith can be spent to beseech aid from your deity in a time of need. This aid must be requested in the form of a prayer, and will be more potent dependent upon the amount of Faith spent. A character can earn up to 5 Faith points per month awarded at the end of the month, based upon their RP and actions in game. Most months characters will receive 1 to 3 Faith, and if they have done something particularly pleasing to the deity it may reach 4 or 5.

Devotion is like Faith but represents much larger acts in service to your deity that risk your very life. Devotion can not be spent and instead provides passive bonuses based upon the deity, and may grant new abilities to characters. Devotion can be lost by particularly powerful prayers though that is at the deity’s discretion. Characters whose classes rely on faith based power receive larger boons than other characters from accrued Devotion. Devotion also effects prayer success and makes the higher levels of prayers possible. (Ex. No matter how hard a simple acolyte prays their god wont manipulate reality for them)

A prayer’s level is determined by the request and context, and may be modified in some way by Devotion at GM Discretion. Examples in Parenthesis, but prayers requests may be whatever you want.

Prayer Level -———————————————— d100 Success Rate
1st (Succeed a Check) -———————————— Faith Spent X 10%
2nd (Succeed a Group Wide Check) -—————- Faith Spent X 5%
3rd (Save a Life) -——————————————- Faith Spent X 3%
4th (Manipulate Reality) -——————————- Faith Spent X 2%
5th (Really Serious Shit) -——————————- Faith Spent X 1%


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