Class Specific Changes

Additional Exploits
Player Created Exploits

Swift Consume: Ioun Exploiters who take this instead change their draining action to a standard that does not provoke.

Counterspell: Remove the last line of text.

Item Crafting: May be taken multiple times

Metamagic Knowledge: May be taken multiple times

Bloodline Development (Su): Gain the Minor Eldritch Heritage as a bonus feat, you need not meet the prereq’s. In Addition you gain access to the Bloodline arcana of the chosen bloodline. An Arcanist who takes Bloodline development can not take School Understanding.
Special: You may take Bloodline development multiple times to gain the later Eldritch Heritage Feats, you can not gain abilities faster than a sorcerer, and the second time you take this you get the bonus skill ranks from your bloodline.

Energy Shield (Su): As a Standard action by spending 1 point from your Reservoir you may make a 10ft wide and 10ft tall wall that reduces the damage of effects of one energy type selectable by resist energy by 10. This wall becomes 10ft wider and 5ft higher at 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter. At 7th and 15th level this reduction to damage increases by 10. Finally at 11th level it also gives evasion towards effects of that energy type that pass through it. You may only have one such shield in existence at a time, and it may be shaped however you want provided it is contiguous.

School Defense (Su): Choose one school of magic, you gain a +1 insight bonus on dispel checks and saving throws against spells and spell-like abilities of the chosen school. This bonus increases by +1 for every 5 levels the arcanist possesses (up to a maximum of +5 at 20th level). In addition you treat your spell slots as one higher for the purposes of the counterspell and greater counterspell exploits when using them against spells of this school.

Body Bludgeon: Pre-Req Removed, It only requires a successful maintained grapple check to begin murder, they can still try to escape, they do not have to be conscious.

Guarded Stance: Bonus increases at 3rd and every 3 levels thereafter, while in this stance you reduce the penalty to AC from rage by 2.

Check with me before taking rage powers, many are getting updated.


Arcane Accuracy: The bonus from this ability is capped at half your level (rounded up) and this swift action may be combined with the swift action from Arcane Strike.

At 3rd Level instead of gaining endurance Rangers choose from the following list of bonus feats: Toughness, Diehard, Combat Reflexes, Iron Will, Great Fortitude, or Lightning Reflexes. You do not need to meet the prerequisites of these feats.

Using Unchained Rogue (Except Rogues Edge and skill unlocks).
All Rogues gain an additional 2 skill points a level over other classes
Sneak Attack can apply at any range though other limitations still matter.
Finesse Training becomes Rogue Training
Every Rogue gains a new personal archetype that fills in some other lackluster levels (2, 7, 9, 13, 17)
Every Rogue additionally chooses a Rogue Discipline that replaces rogue’s edge
Minor Magic (Rogue Talent)
Major Magic (Rogue Talent)

Instead of giving a bonus class skill, a sorcerer gains a free rank in the skill for every level of sorcerer he has. It is otherwise treated as normal for Eldritch Heritage Requirements and the like.

Bonus Spells from your bloodline are instead gained a level earlier than normal.

Class Specific Changes

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