Blade Bound (Black)

Blade Bound (Black) Archetype
A Blade Bound is a being who has been influenced or taken over by an intelligent item who’s will is substantially stronger than the host creatures. A Black Blade Bound is when the host creature is forcibly taken over by the item. A grey when a pact trading will for power is involved. A white when the sword is giving its benevolent power to its owner.

Blade Bound (Su)
A Black Blade Bound, has a profound downside to the other colors, in that when the Blade is taken away from the vicinity of its host, the host regains its mind and may flee depending on the exact situation. The Upside however is that they may find another host at a later date. When wielded by another creature the Blade may force a will save DC (10+Blade level+INT mod) for control each day it is in the creature’s possession. Once this save is failed the host body gains a temporary negative level. A successful save removes a negative level. While the host has any negative levels it can not bring itself to get rid of the sword, and once they would have perished from negative levels they instead lose all of their class levels and become the Blade’s Host.

Sentient Blade (Su)
A Sentient Blade does not gain any racial traits from its Host. The Sentient Blade gains all racial abilities from its original race except those dependent upon the body (they will be replaced with alternates). A Sentient Blade has an Enhancement Bonus Equal to its level/4 rounded up. A Sentient Blade also gains powers by consuming crafting materials, and when involved in great deeds like a normal magical item.

Humanoid Familiar (Su)
A Host has lost the battle of wills utterly and is now controlled by the Blade. They gain skill points as a human with an Intelligence of a familiar. It has no actions of its own, unless the Blade temporarily relinquishes control. They can not get rid of the blade or work against it, unless the Blade is more than 5ft per Enhancement Bonus of the Sentient Blade away from the Host Body for more than 1 round. A host body that wears any armor above light begins to create feedback against part of the magical link between the two. It prevents spellcasting, but not the control the Blade exerts. The Humanoid Familiar loses all the standard familiar special abilities and bonuses. Instead they gain a telepathic link with a range of 30ft with the Blade and provide a few other abilities listed below.

Diminished Spellcasting
A Black Blade Bound may cast one fewer spell of each level than normal. If this reduces the number to 0, he may cast spells of that level only if his Intelligence allows bonus spells of that level.

Remade in Your Image (Su)
The Black Blade Bound’s host is permanently changed to have its physical ability scores match the Blade’s in life. As the connection grows stronger the Host body continues to take on features reminiscent of the Blade’s original body. However your connection to the body overriding its physical functions destroying its physical abilities comes with a benefit, of being extremely resistant to all kinds of toxins giving a bonus equal to half your level to poison and disease saves.

This Is Mine (Su)
The Black Blade Bound Gains a Dodge Bonus to AC equal to their INT modifier, as long they are in light or no armor.

Know Your Hosts (Su)
At 4th level the Black Blade Bound gains the Know Your Enemy Ability from the Student of War Prestige Class, treating their magus level – 4 as Student of War Levels (minimum 1).
This replaces Spell Recall

The Host Protects Itself (Ex)
At 5th level a Black Blade Bound gains the Anticipate ability from the Student of War Prestige Class, treating their magus levels as Student of War Levels.

Metal Over Mind (Su)
At 7th level, a Black Blade Bound applies his Intelligence modifier as well as his Dexterity modifier on initiative rolls (minimum 0). A Black Blade Bound may make attacks of opportunity when flat-footed, and may draw his favored weapon as a free action as part of taking an attack of opportunity.
This replaces Medium Armor

A Better Vessel (Su)
At 7th level Black Blade Bound counts as a Fighter for feats.
This replaces Knowledge Pool

Find Weakness (Su)
At 9th level, a Black Blade Bound adds his Intelligence bonus on critical hit confirmation rolls with his favored weapon. In addition, theyi may use his magus levels in place of his base attack bonuses to qualify for any feat for which it is a prerequisite.
This replaces the magus arcana normally gained at 9th level.

Reflexive Connection (Su)
At 11th level, Black Blade Bound can make a number of attacks of opportunity in a round equal to his Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). This effect stacks with the Combat Reflexes feat.
This replaces improved spell recall.

Deadly Blow (Su)
At 13th Level, the Black Blade Bound’s awareness of her possible Hosts allows her to find weak spots where none should exist. A Blade who uses her know your Host ability and beats the Knowledge check DC by 10 or more may ignore the target’s natural damage reduction and immunity to critical hits and sneak attacks. This does not apply to immunities granted by spells, environmental effects, or equipment.
This replaces Heavy Armor

Body and Mind As One (Su)
At 19th level, a kensai’s initiative roll is automatically a natural 20 and he is never surprised.
This replaces greater spell access.

Self Mastery (Su)
At 20th level, a Black Blade Bound gains weapon mastery with himself, as the fighter class ability.
This replaces True Magus.

Blade Bound (Black)

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