Arcane Gunsmith

Arcane Gunsmith Archetype
Wizards are known for the power they gain through meticulous study and preparation, some take it a step further and combine that with the power of a gun.

Minor Magic
An Arcane Gunsmith knows 6 cantrips and may use them without preparing them.
This changes Cantrips

Gun-Kata (Ex)
An Arcane Gunsmith has 3/4 BAB, may cast in light armor, can choose combat feats as bonus feats, and gains Point Blank Shot or Precise Shot as a Bonus feat at 1st level. In addition he gains a bonus equal to his level on all Craft (Gunsmith) checks.
This replaces Scribe Scroll, and Arcane School

Gun Bond(Su)
An Arcane Gunsmith’s arcane bond must be with a firearm.
This changes Arcane Bond

Bullet Casting
An Arcane Gunsmith does not cast like most others and he doesn’t have a traditional spellbook. An arcane gunsmith has a special set of gunsmithing tools and bullet molds that he used to inscribe spells onto bullets. Instead of preparing spells from their spellbook, they instead prepare spells onto their bullets. This achieves a potential for destruction almost unmatched, however it does prevent them from providing more benign assistance, well unless that person is willing to be shot for it. An arcane gunsmith’s spells are activated by a small activation phrase and hand gesture during the reloading process (Rapid Reload does not effect a spell bullet), followed by the hammer striking the bullet. The spell is then released upon the point of impact, area of effect spells treat the bullet as the origin point while other multi target spells affect the closest targets in range. If the Area of effect is directional it follows the direction of the bullet. If a non area of effect bullet misses the target it is wasted.
This alters spellcasting

Stranger Things (Su)
At 3rd Level the Arcane Gunsmith learns to adapt non standard spells onto her bullets, he may gain a single spell of each level he can cast from another list.

Curving Trajectory (Su)
At 8th Level an Arcane Gunsmith, may curve her spell bullets right before impact. You may now choose the facing of AoE spell bullets that hit their target. In addition you halve all cover bonuses to AC.

Meta-Etching (Su)
At 12th Level whenever an Arcane Gunsmith creates a spell bullet that spell is automatically intensified or extended.

Deadly Delivery (Su)
At 17th Level any target hit by a spell bullet imbued with a damaging spell has their resistances ignored, and deals half damage even to creatures normally immune.

Arcane Gunsmith

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