Overland Movement

Use the following table to figure out your groups movement speed, and apply modifiers as appropriate. Use the slowest group members movement speed to determine where you fit on the table. MPD stands for miles per day.

Land Speed MPD
20ft 16
30ft 24
40ft 32
50ft 40
60ft 48
70ft 56
80ft 64

Hustling may be attempted up to 8 times per day, this requires a series of fortitude saves with a DC equal to 15, with an increase of 2 per additional check after the first. Once you fail a check you can no longer hustle that day. Immunity to Fatigue makes these saves automatic successes. Every successful Hustle increases your MPD for that day by 1/8th your MPD.

Horses allow the party to use their speed instead of the slowest persons, and also travel a bit longer than most people can allowing a little extra travel time each day providing a +20% (Rounded Up) Increase to MPD. Certain exotic mounts can change this.

Carriages and wagons allow the party to travel more comfortably and/or carry more equipment and loot.

There are special rarer vehicles available in the world, from skyships to alchemical wagons. There are also some rare forms of travel from the other planes. All of these vehicles provide substantial benefits, sometimes with added risk. (Explosions?!!!?!)

Certain factors can also slow your movement down, or even halt it in some cases. Difficult terrain applies a percentage reduction to your total MPD, and is applied after all other factors. Certain difficult terrains can be bypassed or ignored with certain modes of travel. Weather can also tremendously effect how fast and safely you travel, in several ways. Poor Visibility from fog and the like can reduce travel time, Heavy Rains can create difficult terrain, and Heavy Winds might even force you to stop traveling for a time. Weather effects depend on region and time of the year.

Overland Movement

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