New Spells

Spell Creation Rules – Look here for basics
The Spells found here are not available to characters without prior GM Approval.
> = Player Created
\ = Creation in Progress
1st Level

2nd Level
>Relived Memory
>Minor Decomposition
\>Minor Reinforce
\>Earthen Grasp

3rd Level
Stone Bullet, Lesser
\>Recollection Modification

4th Level
Earthen Protection
Quagmire, Lesser
\>Major Decomposition
\>Major Reinforce
\>Null Redirection
\>With You

5th Level
Stone Bullet
\>Mass Reinforce

6th Level
Earthen Protection, Greater
Quagmire, Greater
\>Mass Rockskin

7th Level
Stone Bullet, Greater
Blazing Quagmire
\>True Decomposition

8th Level

9th Level

New Spells

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