House Rules

Alignment in my game is not something based on feeling, intent, or abstract things. It is entirely based on actions. So if you have murdered someone in cold blood, raped, pillaged you are evil. If you have never broken the law but never done acts of kindness, you are Lawful Neutral. Also Alignment restrictions are gay and stupid, Dont piss your god off and you are fine.

Resting recovers your level plus CON mod in HP and 1 point of ability damage, care during this time doubles this.

Improved Unarmed Strike no Longer Exists, and is removed from all prereqs. All Adventurers can slap a bitch.

Magic Item slots are now as follows for all humanoids: Head, Headband, Face, Eyes, Shoulders, Neck, Chest, Body, Belt, Wrists, Hands, Rings, Legs, Feet, Earrings, Brooch, Wayfinder, Ioun Stone

Some spells are limited in functionality, Teleportation Magic will be changed around to be much shorter range but still good. Teleportation Circles do Exist in the Major Cities on the Map. Resurrection Magic has an additional component of doing a favor for whichever deity has claimed the targeted soul. Some spells don’t exist period such as Armor Lock, Paragon Surge, and Antithetical Constraint. Others are subject to denial but have to be as dumb as those spells.

In Combat I have a special effect called the Edge, which is gained by having a higher BAB than your targeted opponent. If you have the Edge on an opponent you may perform maneuvers without provoking, and provide a +2 DC to any concentration checks the target must make.

Iterative attacks are only at a -3 cumulative penalty instead of -5, they are still gained at the same rate however.

Crafts and Professions are interchangeable, and need not be hyper specialized (Like Armorsmithing and weaponsmithing, Blacksmithing is fine) If you do wish to specialize you may and receive lower DCs for your specialization.

Any Classes from the below link are available. Any class with alignment restrictions has them removed (Including Cleric).

A well thought out character will receive benefits to correspond with its backstory.

All feats/Archetypes/Spells with a racial or deity restriction, have that removed except in a few fringe cases

I use Critical/Fumble Tables whenever you confirm a fumble with a 1 or a natural 20 with another natural 20. the Tables are fairly lightweight and just use a d100.

Training/Retraining Exists, and works differently than pathfinder.

Ability Increase at level up occurs at the normal levels but is instead a +2 to an ability score.

Gaining Spells works Differently than in core rules, Even Sorcerers can gain more spells with knowledge, it is just more expensive and time consuming. And Scrolls are not the means by which wizards gain extra spells known due to my changes to them. Every class still gets their normal spells learned from levels and favored class if applicable though.
When choosing feats speak with me directly as many I may change outright, Ex. Cleave Doesn’t Exist, instead the chain goes Power Attack → Great Cleave → Whirlwind → Improved Cleaving Finish. Martial Classes gain a big benefit from me in raw power and how many tricks their bag can hold.

Core Magic Items are not readily available. Magic Items are more rare and awesome. Potions/Scrolls are the exceptions and are very common, and cheap. Scrolls can also be used by any character capable of reading. If there is some build that hinges on an item or something, I’m more than happy to make it happen with a feat/archetype/custom ability.

Magic Item Crafting doesn’t work as per core rules period. All crafting of this nature will be done in RP. Items will never require “Spend this much gold on materials” except potions and scrolls which use my own pricing.

Carrying Capacity/Encumbrance/Money Weight is enforced but not strict. A character with over 20 STR can still look ridiculous.

Spell Acquisition
Item Creation

House Rules

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