These are just basic Introductions to the gods, I will give more info to religious characters.

Greater Deities
TN – Gaia (Animal, Plant, Weather, Air, Earth, Water, Fire)
TN – Death (God) (Death, Healing, Artifice, Destruction, Repose, Luck)

LG – Lazarus (Good, Law, Community, Protection, War)
LG – Nirvana (Good, Law, Healing, Knowledge, Community)
LG – Reorx (Good, Law, Artifice, Repose, Community)
LG – Cassius (Law, Good, Healing, Protection, War)
NG – Siphion (Good, Glory, Knowledge, Luck, Sun)
NG – Coluna (Good, Darkness, Void, Travel, Liberation)
NG – Valefor (Air, Good, Community, Travel, Liberation)
NG – Bahamut (Good, Scalykind, Glory, Fire, Community)
CG – Page (Chaos, Good, Rune, Luck, Glory)
CG – Orton (Water, Chaos, Good, Healing, Destruction)
CG – Ama (Chaos, Good, Liberation, Animal, Trickery)
CG – Freyr (Chaos, Good, Glory, Nobility, Weather)
LN – Axiom (Law, Knowledge, Rune, Artifice, Magic)
LN – Archadia (Law, Rune, Community, Protection, War)
LN – Bishamon (Community, Protection, Law, Glory, Nobility)
TN – Exaris (Good, Law, Evil, Chaos, Void)
TN – Lowva (Artifice, Destruction, Rune, Travel, Magic)
TN – Skoli (Community, Protection, Artifice, Plant, Scalykind)
TN – Sardior (Artifice, Scalykind, Knowledge, Protection, Rune)
CN – Ifrit (Fire, Nobility, Destruction, Glory, Chaos)
CN – Mordecai (Chaos, Madness, Luck, Trickery, Knowledge)
CN – Dahlia (Chaos, Charm, Healing, Liberation Trickery)
LE – Mephistopheles (Law, Evil, Glory, Nobility, Trickery)
LE – Belladonna (Evil, Law, Healing, Community, Protection)
LE – Dosojin (Law, Evil, Healing, Nobility, Strength)
NE – Ophelia (Evil, Darkness, Luck, Trickery, Charm)
NE – Lavania (Evil, Darkness, Death, Magic, Madness)
NE – Tiamat (Magic, Evil, Scalykind, Fire, Destruction)
CE – Leodros (Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, War)
CE – Ragnarok (Chaos, Evil, Destruction, War, Void)
CE – Lillith (Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Darkness, Plant)

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