Character Creation

30 point buy

First Level characters get their MAX HP+10, and Character’s receive max HP each level after

I do not use experience, You will level up when I feel appropriate and the party remains the same level.

A good majority of 3.5 material will be allowed and changed as i will change many pf things. I just need it brought to my attention.

Appearance will be a separate stat, and is chosen by the player. Any value between -5 to +5 (Higher is more Pretty/Handsome) is allowed, some things may affect this.

Every Character gets two Traits from the link below, and may take up to two more by taking flaws.

Every Character starts with a number of class skills equal to their Intelligence Score, rather than basing them off your class. Skill Points Like wise are no longer based off class either. Every Character Recieves 6+INT Skill Points.

Every character has the option to have talent at using magic, known as “The Gift”. If you choose a class with spells you’ve already made the choice to have this. If you choose a class like fighter which is normally plagued by needing support, you can choose to have magic or not. If you choose not to you can not later take a casting class, barring special circumstances. My goal is to make it so people don’t have to multi-class period. I plan on giving everyone including casters a few extra abilities flavorful with their concept, this will be handled case by case as every character is different.

Every Character gains an Affinity, this marks you as an important figure in the tapestry of fate. This is not knowledge that many have access to, or know how to recognize, as such each character has no knowledge of this phenomenon at the start, and likely for quite some time. No two people ever have the same affinity.


Character Creation

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